Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rafting in Alaska

Our summer plans for a lawn turned into a new raft for the family. I think it was a good choice....we had a great time on several trips. I can live with the yucky mud we have out front for another winter - it's worth it!

Here's the crew breaking in the raft. They were a bit excited and didn't even need water.

Thankfully Mom and Dad have a raft and are easily talked into joining us on our adventures. The kids love bouncing between the boats.

Our fearless leader....isn't he handsome? :-) I like it when he's in charge of the boat. He tried to give me a lesson. I almost knocked Rem out in the water. It shook me up more than him....not something I'd like to repeat anytime soon, but I guess I need some practice...

Rem did awesome. He loved the boat! Of course, he was happiest with food. We went through lots of snacks!

Rem trying to operate a friend's catamaran. A glimpse of furture trips I am sure. He loves to "help" Rob oar our boat.

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