Sunday, August 30, 2009

Honey Anyone?

The gorgeous Alaskan summer produced lots of bees and lots of honey. The girls do great with Grandpa Dave. They amaze their dad at what they do....bees are not his thing. :-) The girls insist they do not like bees, but they know every little fact about bees and jump right in and do whatever they need to (most of the time). Of course, they love the "honey money" at the end of the season. Sena helped out a little bit this summer, but she doesn't become an official partner until next spring. She is so excited....

As is the tradition, Ashton and Kylie entered honey in the State Fair this year. And, as usual, one got 1st place and one got 2nd. It's a standing joke.....the honey comes out of the same tub and is processed the same way every year. But, it never gets the same rating.

Honey anyone?


  1. Yes, we'd love to buy some!!! It's Tom's favorite:)

  2. YEP! We are out of our supply from Kiersten's honey. Could we buy some? Let us know when/how we can pick it up! Thanks