Saturday, August 29, 2009

More rafting....

Yes - there was fishing. Kylie caught her first king! Of course, it wasn't on a king rod (it's not what we were fishing for). I guess that makes it more exciting.

We had amazing weather over the 4th of July. A 4 day float trip with no clouds. Awesome!

Caterpillars...a favorite thing. Sena and Remington spent hours finding and playing with them. We would float close to the shore and shake trees. The "pillars" would fall in the boat and the kids would find them.

Rock surfing - a fun new activity! Ashton was finally talked into trying it. As the boat is passing a large rock in the river, the kid jumps out. As the boat passes by, they jump back in.

Poor Sena. She didn't jump back in when Rob told her to. She ended up stuck waiting on the rock until Grandpa caught up and picked her up. She didn't hesitate that time!

Kylie loved it! What a fun picture....

Our crew...Rem actually floated (with Ashton holding him) to get out there.

Hard to beat an Alaskan summer with amazing weather, awesome family and fun on rivers!

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