Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Little Speller

Ashton won her local school spelling bee, earning her way to the state spelling bee last week. It was a great experience. It was held in the Discovery Theatre at the Anchorage Performing Arts Center. There were approximately 150 kids competing. It took 2 hours to complete the first round! Ashton was the #5 speller (numbers were assigned randomly). She made it to the second round. She was a bit bummed, but excited at the thought of trying again next year. All that reading has given her quite a vocabulary!

Looking at herself in the paper before the Bee started. The Anchorage Daily News sponsored the event. They had pics of all the spellers in the paper that day.

Waiting her turn to go on stage to spell.

Ashton's turn on stage. Amazing, that part didn't bother her at all. She is so unlike her mother in that area!

Sena's New Do

Our Little Sena has been begging for a new hair do since Ashton donated her hair to Locks of Love last year. I was really fighting it. I figured it was just a phase - she is only 6 and greatly influenced by her sisters. And, I just LOVED her long hair. But, after her persistence, I finally gave in. Here's the result . . .

Still adorable! Just a more grown up version. She loves it!

Kylie was also ready for a change. Here's her new look . . .

It has a lot of potential. When Sheri styled it, she had it flipped up on the ends. Too cute! Of course, I didn't manage to get a picture of that.

Grandma Spear . . . these pictures are for you. I hope you get to see them . . . Love ya!

Incredible Hubby

Rob is an amazing dad. Ashton has been using the bow that Dad bought to have for the grandkids. Kylie was given an awesome (fully decked out) bow by a friend. I have my bow that I have started shooting occasionally. As a result, little Sena was feeling quite left out. So . . . Rob got online and found instructions to make a long bow. He made her a great little bow and in the process got "hooked". He's loving his new found hobby.

Here's our Sena during her shooting debut . . .

Way to go Hon - you're incredible!

Ashton's Braces

We now have two in braces! Ashton before . . .

And after . . . she is also sporting a new hairdo . . . AND she is almost 12 . . . unbelievable!!! She is becoming a young lady right before our eyes.