Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friends . . .

This Christmas season I have tried to be better about letting the kids have friends over and do messy projects. We've tried to have this year be more about people and less about things. Probably has something to do with being in campers during a rainy summer . . . we are very ready to have people over just to spend time together and hang out.

Two sixth graders loose in the kitchen . . .

Courtney and Kylie taking time to pose while decorating sugar cookies. I don't remember the last time we decorated cookies . . . usually way too messy for me to tackle!

Katie and Sena making cookies. I think they wore and ate more icing than actually made it onto the cookies!

Gingerbread houses . . . actually made on Thanksgiving with some friends. We had little candy balls bouncing all over the floor. I love Sena's toothless smile.

We've had a great time gearing up for Christmas. It all culminated with a Christmas party at our house last night. I had the battery recharging, but forgot to actually take any pictures. Could have something to do with the 80+ people we had here!!! Amazing . . . we all fit . . . between the lake, the house, basement and the garage. What a great group of friends God has blessed us with! For all who came . . . thank you so much for making the effort . . . and check with me if you are missing snow gear.

Remy's Two

We are blessed to have 2 buddies for Remy. Thomas and Noah are just one day older than Rem. This year they had a birthday party play date. I love this picture of Thomas and Remy . . . you can see the stress of trying to "play together" when you're two! Thanks for a fun day Rachel and Pam . . .

Friday, December 12, 2008

My First Blog!

I'm joining the Blogging craze! I have several friends that are avid bloggers . . . one walked me thru the basics yesterday. Thanks Pam! For my first post, I'm just playing around and posting pictures of my crew. Here's my hubby and my four kiddos.