Friday, May 8, 2009

5 Things

I was tagged a few weeks ago . . . I am finally getting my answers "blogged"!

5 things I was doing 5 years ago...
*I was selling Longaberger

*Settling into my new job as Children’s co-director at WBC

*Kylie was in preschool

*Chasing Sena as a toddler

*Had a husband on swing-shift

5 things on my "To Do" list today... (actually tomorrow)
*Get Ashton ready for her recital
*Go to Anch for Ashton’s clogging recital
*Clean bathrooms
*Cut out flowers for WBC project
*Pick rocks to get ready for a lawn

5 things I would do with $1,000,000...
*pay off the house

*buy a plane for my husband/pay for flight lessons for him

*have a great family vacation

*have a fun romantic vacation with Rob

*donate (after research/prayer!)

5 places I've lived....
*Nome, Alaska

*Lincoln, Arkansas

*Tulsa, Oklahoma

*Kenny Lake, Alaska

*Wasilla, Alaska

5 jobs I've had...
*office help in pediatric office
*risk management admin asst at BSW
*office temp at Lowrance
*admin asst at Academy of Instruction at MSBSD
*admin asst in Finance Dept at MSBSD

5 things I'd like to be doing in 5 years...
*Enjoying my final year with Ashton at home (she’ll be 17!!!)
*Be truly enjoying 3 teen/almost teen girls in my home
*Growing closer in my daily relationship with God
*Active in ministry (maybe still in children’s ministry?)
*Planning a big family vacation before Ashton leaves

5 friends to tag . . .

I think most of my friends have already been tagged. Guess it’s up to you . . . Abby and April. J

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