Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Basement Uses

My husband has become quite creative in using the basement. Maybe it's because of the few long cold spells we have had. Whatever the reason, I'm thankful that he thinks "out of the box". The kids are having a ball!

Kylie is doing very well with her "new" bow. She may be Rob's new archery hunting buddy. At the rate she is going, he may have a hard time out-shooting her!

Remy is often "workin'" or fixing something. His latest favorite spot to hang out is Rob's workbench. He spent an hour there just checking things out and playing with a screwdriver. Definitely his father's son!

Kylie and Sena ready to rollerblade. Ashton runs to keep up with them - she outgrew her rollerblades. Rob gets his old rollerskates out and round and round and round the stair well they go.

While the rest of the crew is rolling around, Remy keeps up on his little car. He whips around corners without even looking where he is going. Other than toes, he doesn't run into much.

Always wanting to keep up with his sisters . . . here's Remy . . . ready to rollerblade!

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  1. Holy Cow, your kids are so grown up. How is that even possible! I can't believe your little son, he is so sweet!